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Top Signs You and Your Spouse Should Consider Looking for Marriage Counseling Near You in Queens County, NY

Conscious Counseling is a leading couples counseling practice in Queens County. In the more than 10 years that we have been practicing, we have helped hundreds of couples navigate through the hardships in their relationships and successfully find their way out of the darkness and into the light. Our licensed and certified counselors have been trained at The Ackerman Institute for the Family, the most highly regarded family therapist training facilities in the country. Sessions can be held in our private, safe, clean, and comfortable Queens County office or digitally in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be encouraged to speak freely with a Auburndale, NY marriage counselor, who will listen with unbiased ears and will provide expert knowledge and insight that will help you learn how to communicate more effectively and gain a newfound respect for one another. If you’re interested in couples counseling, contact Conscious Counseling to learn how we can help direct you toward a smoother path together.

Signs You Should Consider Seeing the Guidance of a Auburndale, NY Marriage Counselor

Maintaining a committed, long-term relationship can be wonderful, but it isn’t without trials and tribulations. But how do you know if it’s time to seek the help of a professional Auburndale, NY marriage counselor? Here’s a look at some of the telltale signs that indicate you and your spouse should investigating marriage counseling near you.

Constant Arguments

It isn’t unusual for couples to encounter hardships. The stresses of everyday life – parenting, financial problems, work, and the current state of the world, for example – can put a strain on any relationship. While arguing is normal – in fact, the occasional argument can actually be healthy for a relationship – if it seems like you and your spouse are arguing more often than not and you can’t recall the last time you saw eye-to-eye, it may be time to consider seeing the help of a professional who specializes in couples counseling in Queens County.

You’ve Become Indifferent

A lot of people think that hate is the opposite of love, but that isn’t the case, as emotion and passion are conveyed with hate. Thus, hate isn’t the opposite of love; rather, indifference is. If you and your husband or wife have reached a point where you don’t even care enough to fight and argue, if you have no desire to spend time with one another, you bypass issues instead of discussing your views, you have no interest in intimacy and don’t seem to care that you aren’t interested in being intimate, and you are essentially living separate lives, seeing a Auburndale, NY marriage counselor would like to be in your best interest.

You’re Keeping Secrets

Seeking couples counseling in Queens County may also be necessary if you and your spouse are keeping secrets from one another. While you are both entitled to your privacy and you don’t need to tell each other every little detail, if one or both of you are holding back on the big things – things that not only affect yourselves personally, but that affect your relationship and family – then you likely have a serious problem on your hands. For example, you may have stopped sharing information because you no longer trust one another or you may not care enough to share things that really matter. A Auburndale, NY marriage counselor will be able to help you get to the root of your problem and reestablish your trust so that you can start being open and honest and so that you will want to start sharing with one another again.

There’s No Intimacy

Physical intimacy is a vital part of a healthy relationship; it allows you to connect with one another on a deeper level and physical touch can convey a sense of being accepted, understood, and cared for. Like arguing, it’s normal for couples to experience dry spells from time to time; especially if they’ve been together for a long time, they’re going through hardships in their lives individually or collectively, or they’re unwell. However, if you find that you are having a hard time regaining intimacy or if you don’t feel physically attracted to your spouse at all, you should consider looking for a certified professional who specializes in marriage counseling near you in Queens County.


Infidelity is one of the most severe violations in any relationship, but especially marriage. When you and your spouse exchanged your wedding vows, you promised your unending faithfulness to one another. Typically, when one or both individuals in a marriage stray, their unfaithfulness is often the result of a bigger problem; perhaps they don’t feel respected, heard, or appreciated. If you or your spouse has cheated, or you have thought about cheating or you suspect your husband or wife has, seeking Auburndale, NY marriage counseling is highly recommended. With the help of a trained, experienced professional, you may be able to recover from infidelity.

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If you and your spouse are seeking couples counseling in Queens County, contact Conscious Counseling. Our licensed Auburndale, NY marriage counseling professionals will be able to help guide you through the problems that you are experiencing – whatever they may be – and rekindle your love, passion, and trust. For more information, please call 917-662-7913 or visit