Conscious Counseling

Supportive, professional guidance toward

Marriage Counseling for RESOLVE
or Mediation for DISSOLVE

Navigating conflicts to bring harmony and stability to families

Couples Therapy
and relationship coaching

Depression & Anxiety caused by relationship hurts

Divorce Mediation
when it's the only solution

Trauma & PTSD Therapy
for First Responders

Our Treatment
Couple's therapy and relationship coaching

Our focus is to help individuals, couples and families heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns and needs, and customizing a treatment plan.
Our practice serves all members of the family, We work toward goals that are beneficial for all. 

We offer FREE consultation to learn everything you need to know about the process of marriage counseling and mediation.

Psychotherapy Services and coaching
individual/couples/ family

Read more about the services we provide for you and your family.

Meet us

Find out a bit more about our counselors, inviting your family into ours.

A Few Testimonials
about resolving or dissolving

Here at Conscious Counseling, we believe that everyone has the right to be heard in a calm, and productive setting. If you have made the decision to resolve concerns and improve your marriage you have come to the right place. For couples and families who feel its best to dissolve the marriage, you have also come to the right place.
Conscious Counseling provides both services in order to preserve families as best as possible.
The benefit to you, your partner and family is this… as a family psychotherapist as well as a trained mediator
my position is always to maintain neutrality  and fairness. You can bet on that!
For Couples who feel they would rather not get therapy treatment and work on on the present condition of their relationship, Conscious Counseling offers Coaching.

Dana is a Certified coach who will assess the relationship and help couples devise practical goals with short term goals medium term goals and long term goals.

The difference between psychotherapy and coaching is that psychotherapy will look at the pathology of the individual and partnership, whereas coaching takes a much more present and concrete approach to reaching goals.
As a professional who offers approaches the ideas and the discussion are deep rooted from history as well as managing the needs for the relationship today and moving forward.
These skills in both offer a much more comprehensive, interactive time together.

We understand relationships are challenging and can use help from time to time. Couples who seek us to assist in their conflicts, know they need a third party to hear both sides without judgement but to listen to both partner’s stories and experiences.
When a couple takes the step to seek guidance and clarity here in our office, respect for the relationship is the first goal I make before we begin. I know it took courage to make the appointment and show up. Therefore, what you bring me and the work we do together is valuable and taken seriously.

And then there are couples who feel that separation is the best decision for themselves and their family.  Mediating is an option  for  couples who wish to preserve the family and the finances. Although this can be a difficult time, the treatment involved at Conscious Counseling is meant to help you go through your divorce with a healing perspective. While the process of  a separation and divorce may be painful, we believe that there is an opportunity for each party to heal, process and grow emotionally. For some individuals CRISIS is the same as OPPORTUNITY.
With our clinical skills and  coaching we get you and your family to an emotionally secure mental state.

Conscious Counseling offers services for RESOLVE to keep families emotional healthy.

In order to RESOLVE, couples learn tools to communicate, learn how to fight fair and not to win or lose. Finding the path toward love and friendship again will bring excitement and connection.
Our treatment method is known as Systems theory, training from the world re known Ackerman Institute For Families and Couples.
located in New York City

Systems theory states that the system itself is more significant than all of the individual parts that comprise it. Two systems theories allow the ability for a family to adapt to their environment, the first being morphostasis, meaning “changing to adapt or adapting to change,” and the second, morphogenesis, which is the family’s ability to grow and change for the better because of internal or external environmental conditions. Additionally, a system has feedback loops from the individuals and others that modify and create the system.

In a family system, the system refers to the family unit, though it can have smaller systems, sometimes referred to as subsystems. These might be the parents, brothers and sisters, stepchildren, or any extended family currently living with the nuclear family unit. Additionally, there is both negative and positive feedback in the family dynamic and applying systems theory.

  • Negative feedback loops are expectations and communication that do not offer change
  • Positive feedback loops offer change

Boundaries are another component of communication and interaction within the family. Boundaries have to do with both how information exits and enters the family. For example, some information may be held only inside the family, while others may be shared with non-family members. Boundaries on information can be tied to the expectations set by the family leaders, such as the parents or caretakers.

Additionally, homeostasis argues that family members always try to obtain a balance within their interactions; systems theory can also be thought of in terms of homeostasis and teamwork in a work environment. If a team works very efficiently and accomplishes many tasks, they have achieved a state of homeostasis. However, if the team is easily disrupted by distractions or is inefficient, they have not achieved homeostasis. Adaptation is how a family readjusts to anything that changes within the environment of the family unit.

Systems theory was created because of the effect behaviorism had on psychology. It addresses the weakness of mechanistic approaches and provides an excellent framework to solve problems because it analyzes the interdependence and wholeness of the system.
Understanding how the system works also lends itself to also carefully shifting the systems when it chooses to separate and morph into another system when on spouse moves away from the family home.



Conscious Counseling offers services for
DISSOLVE to keep families emotional healthy.

In Conscious Counseling, if you both decide it is best to dissolve your marriage, our divorce mediator and attorney work with you and your partner to reach a mutual  settlement, with family counseling included, ensuring this is the best direction to go in. Our goal is to help you reach a settlement that will benefit the both of you as well as your family. The main function of a divorce mediator is that we will help you and your partner better communicate your common goals and interests throughout the divorce. We aim to help you both make wise decisions, and make sound and solid agreements that will help you and every member of your family heal through a difficult time.

What We Do

 Conscious Counseling offers a wide array of services to help you and your family start the journey of healing. All of our services are customized for you, in order to achieve the most beneficial results on your way. All of our counselors are here to help you and your family start on a new road and achieve optimal mental and emotional health. Some of our services:

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling and Coaching

With the right tools and a safe space to explore the areas within your partnership, we can help you strengthen your relationship and connection. We offer in person and online counseling that will provide you with comfort and convenience to heal and communicate in a healthy fashio

Depression and Anxiety Counseling
for relationship hurts

Depression, fear, and anxiety are emotions that although, are not comfortable, are very common. At Conscious Counseling we offer counseling and treatment that will allow you to recover and motivate yourself into a healthy way of living and achieving optimal happiness.

Trauma and PTSD Counseling
for First Responders

Oftentimes in life, people go through experiences that are painful and sometimes traumatic. This can cause a person to develop lingering emotions after such events. Through counseling, we can help you overcome the symptoms of trauma and deal with the effects of post traumatic stress disorder. Through proper grief counseling, we help you get on your way through a healthy healing process.

Family Mediation
when it is the only solution

Not only do we offer counseling services for couples, but for the entire family as well. Many families go through a wide array of situations that contribute to the poor function of life at home. By family mediation and counseling, our staff can help you and your family reach a level of peace and communication that will foster a sense of productivity and healing.

Customized and Affordable for Every Individual

In our length of experience, we have been offering and counseling services that help save and heal families. We offer couples a  free consultation. Getting a feel for the counselor and finding the right fit is very important. At our consultation we will come to a conclusion that will suit your needs. Our mission is to protect each member of the marriage as well as your family. Even though you and your partner may decide to be resolve or dissolve, it does not mean that the process should be uncomfortable. We provide a private and safe space.

If you are interested in learning more about couple’s counseling and family mediation services, please get in touch with Conscious Counseling today. We will be happy to set up your free consultation and discuss our various counseling ideas with you. This will be your first step towards a new, healthy, and peaceful life.
Making the decision to resolve or dissolve can be difficult.
We will listen and guide you in making the right direction.

Beginning is Spring 2023
Conscious Counseling will be traveling and coaching couples across the country.
in her new Campaign

Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Long Island: Navigating Your Path to Resolution

When facing the challenging prospect of divorce, it’s crucial to have a skilled professional by your side who can help guide you through the process with compassion and expertise. This is where a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Long Island can make all the difference.

Long Island Mediation Lawyers specialize in a unique approach to divorce resolution that prioritizes open communication, collaboration, and mutual agreement. Rather than engaging in a protracted legal battle in court, mediation offers a more amicable and cost-effective alternative.

One of the key advantages of hiring a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Long Island is their extensive experience in facilitating productive conversations between spouses. These professionals are trained to create a supportive environment where both parties can express their concerns, needs, and desires. Through active listening and expert guidance, Long Island Mediation Lawyers help couples find common ground and work towards a fair and equitable resolution.

Mediation is particularly beneficial for couples who wish to maintain an amicable relationship, especially when children are involved. Long Island Mediation Lawyers understand the importance of preserving healthy co-parenting dynamics, and they strive to create agreements that prioritize the well-being of the children.

Another significant advantage of opting for a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Long Island is the efficiency of the process. Traditional litigation can drag on for months or even years, causing emotional and financial strain. Mediation, on the other hand, often leads to quicker resolutions, allowing both parties to move forward with their lives sooner.

Additionally, mediation tends to be more cost-effective than courtroom battles. With Long Island Mediation Lawyers, you pay for the time spent in sessions rather than expensive court fees and prolonged legal proceedings. This makes mediation an attractive option for couples looking to manage their expenses during a challenging time.

In choosing a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Long Island, it’s essential to seek out a professional with a proven track record and a commitment to personalized, client-centered service. Look for a mediator who understands the unique complexities of divorce cases on Long Island and who can provide the guidance and support needed to navigate this process successfully.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Long Island offers a compassionate and efficient alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. By choosing Long Island Mediation Lawyers, you’re not only investing in a smoother transition but also in the preservation of amicable relationships and the well-being of your children. Take the first step towards a more harmonious future by enlisting the expertise of a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Long Island today.

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