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Our Practice

Our therapists are trained in mental health pertaining to relational problems. Our Marriage and Family training is from The Ackerman Institute for the Family, the best-known and most highly regarded training  for family therapists in the United States.

In addition to our psychotherapy practice, we offer  personal life coaching. Goal oriented for issues
that need immediate recovery and attention.

Family Mediation is another service we offer when needs of the family are rooted in generational and systemic issues that need perspective from a professional. These families need immediate interventions, new goals and direction in order to restore harmony.

Divorce Mediation
provides our clients a man and a woman, certified mediator and consultant to negotiate settlements for separation and divorce. We have helped so many families stay out of court, saved them from astronomical attorney’s fees and restored them with post-divorce counseling so they may move on while preserving the family.

We are proud to say that our clients avoided the bitterness that divorce can endure.




Our Client Promise

We promise to be there every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and open you up to seeing the bigger picture of where you come from, then move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

With our diverse clinical practitioners we make sure that you feel comfortable because the right fit is our promise to you.

Our office is roomy, clean, safe , private and welcoming.

A waiting room where you can relax before and after your session. or where the family member can wait comfortably for their loved one while in their session.

Our hours are Monday-Saturday, 9am to 9pm because we know life is not 9-5.

We offer phone and virtual sessions to accommodate you. Your needs are our concern.

Dana Greco

Licensed Family and Couples Therapist/ Certified Divorce Mediator

Dana Greco LCSW-R is a New York licensed psychotherapist, specializing in couple’s counseling and family counseling resolving issues such as, but not limited to, communication, infidelity, personal and relational conflicts and family challenges. Our work together examines the barriers that prevent intimacy and open communication. With your commitment to make the necessary improvements to increase safe, emotional communication and intimacy, the benefits will be regaining trust and building a stronger partnership.       

In addition to my dedication to helping couples get stronger and closer, I decided to obtain certification as a divorce mediator, as I learned not all marriages can survive, despite the efforts made. My desire was to continue to serve the family during the separation and provide the necessary support toward an amicable separation. This includes working with a team of specialists and maintaining a support system for the parents and the children in order to transition in the least harmful way. For example, coaching the parents in two household scenarios, discussing parental discipline structure, prepare for new relationships, introducing significant others to the children and managing financial and co-parenting challenges.

I believe that even though some marriages end, both parents can step onto a healthy path and remain a family for the well-being of their children’s stability and development. I am realistic that not all families can reach this goal, however I have witnessed immense growth on the part of the parents, when they themselves did not think it was possible.

Licensed Family and Couples Therapist/ Certified Divorce Mediator


Consultant and Mediator

Having decades of experience in conflict resolution in diverse company settings both in the United States and internationally, Nick has taken his expertise in negotiation, sales and marketing to Conscious Counseling, PLLC where he serves families and couples who are transitioning in separation and divorce. With his knowledge and years of working with clients, groups, and colleagues his commitment to fairness, integrity and equability will assist in negotiating settlements that have multiple levels of complexity. Nick brings a personable, professional and special skill in managing low to high stressful situations. Nick has an acute ability to focus on detail and give insight and concepts during the process of negotiating. His values on fairness toward both parties and his ability to keep the balance of both parent’s involvement has proven to spare the children from unnecessary losses.
Dana Greco is grateful to have him join Conscious Counseling as a co -mediator in all cases where his and her special skills individually and together make for a thorough, neutral and highly effective team.

Frank Greco

Consultant and Mediator

Serving in leadership at a high level in management for over 35 years in a large corporation has given Frank a strong foundation in people skills and conflict resolution. This experience has been mostly in the hospitality industry in some of the busiest destination locations in the US including New York, Florida and California. He is a very quick thinker and problem solver using a patient and kind approach. He has won numerous service awards and his friendly nature makes him very approachable. He has a knack of getting right to the root of the problem and solving things quickly in an equitable way. We are very delighted to have Frank on the team. He brings fairness and wisdom to every situation. He believes every situation has a resolution and he always finds a way to make that happen so that everyone feels satisfied.

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Marriages May End but Families are Forever
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