Our Practice

Our therapists are trained in mental health pertaining to relational problems. Our Marriage and Family training is from The Ackerman Institute for the Family, the best-known and most highly regarded training facility for family therapists in the United States.

In addition to our psychotherapy practice, we offer  personal life coaching. Goal oriented for issues
that need immediate recovery and attention.

Family Mediation is another service we offer when needs of the family are not rooted in emotional dysfunction. Families may need to address interventions, new goals when something in the family system has shifted, and the need is to have a neutral professional to assess and determine the direction that will benefit family members in order to restore harmony.

Our Patient Promise

We promise to be there every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and open you up to seeing the bigger picture of where you come from, then move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

With our diverse clinical practitioners we make sure that you feel comfortable because the right fit is our promise to you.

Our office is roomy, clean, safe , private and welcoming.

A waiting room where you can relax before and after your session. or where the family member can wait comfortably for their loved one while in their session.

Our hours are Monday-Saturday, 9am to 9pm because we know life is not 9-5.

We offer phone and virtual sessions to accommodate you Your needs are our concern.


Dana Greco

Licensed Family and Couples Therapist/ Certified Divorce Mediator

Practice Oath

Dana Greco LCSW-R is a New York licensed psychotherapist, specializing in couple’s counseling and family counseling resolving issues such as, but not limited to, communication, infidelity, personal and relational conflicts and family challenges. Our work together examines the barriers that prevent intimacy and open communication. With your commitment to make the necessary improvements to increase safe, emotional communication and intimacy, the benefits will be regaining trust and building a stronger partnership.  The beginning of a relationship is exciting, falling in love is wonderful. What happens afterwards is that couples worry about falling out of love. The reason this happens is because reality hits, struggles begin, values may not align as couples get to know each other better, red flags show up. Fear not. This is normal, the feeling of falling in love and that intensity simmers, yet is morphs into mature love. Mature love is taking the struggles, these misaligned values, the flags, and maintain that commitment despite the challenges. The good news is by working through these problems and finding solutions, compromising, sharing beliefs with acceptance, develops a deeper intimacy and much more satisfying relationship. Not the same intensity of ‘falling in love” which was about learning more about each other as the courtship was new and mysterious. Instead, mature love brings the rewards of security, compassion, familiarity, trust, friendship, companionship, history, collective experiences, and united goals for the future. Couple’s counseling focusing on mature love and all its benefits. Sometimes it takes a third party such as a skilled professional to help a couple make that connection.      

In addition to my dedication to helping couples get stronger and closer, I decided to obtain certification as a divorce mediator, as I learned not all marriages can survive, despite the efforts made. My desire was to continue to serve the family during the separation and provide the necessary support toward an amicable separation. This includes working with a team of specialists and maintaining a support system for the parents and the children in order to transition in the least harmful way. For example, coaching the parents in two household scenarios, discussing parental discipline structure, prepare for new relationships, introducing significant others to the children and managing financial and co-parenting challenges.

I believe that even though some marriages end, both parents can step onto a healthy path and remain a family for the well-being of their children’s stability and development. I am realistic that not all families can reach this goal, however I have witnessed immense growth on the part of the parents, when they themselves did not think it was possible.

Education and Credentials

Dana Greco obtained her master’s degree from Fordham University and post graduate specialization from The Ackerman Institute for Family and Couples. Dana practices systems theory which is based on the idea that behavior is influenced by a variety of factors that work together as a system. These factors include family, friends, social settings, economic class, and the environment at home. Working with couples and families in order to find peace and harmony in life, she believes, is essential for overall health and well-being. The goal is deeper understanding of the issues. Dana specializes in working with a couple to find resolve, however when it is best to dissolve, she advocates toward mediation rather than litigation, sparing the couple and family from the court system.

Dana is also a member of the Mental Health Professional Panel for Family and Supreme Court, her case load includes mandated child custody evaluations, parent supervision and parent coordination. She is also certified as a Counselor for First Responders and carries a caseload of men and women who were stationed at ground zero during 9/11 and emergency rescue workers. She is dedicated to working with individuals, couples and family in creating stability and well-being. She is the author of the parenting book, “Please Don’t Buy Me Ice Cream” and co-author of “Conscious Coupling”. Dana is also the founder of FAIRny Family Advocates, Intervention and Resources a satellite practice that raises money to fund families in need.

Dana has officiated many marriages and can be available to you.

Licensed Family and Couples Therapist/ Certified Divorce Mediator

Books By Dana Greco

conscious coupling book

Conscious Coupling: Positive Insights for Long Lasting Relationships

Conscious Coupling, Saving Relationships from the perspectives of two divorce mediators wages war on saving relationships and ultimately saving families. Dana and Don, two divorce mediators and licensed couples and family therapists offer insight from the mediators/counselors perspective directly from real cases they have both counseled before and after divorce and during separation negotiations. Topics range from the future of relationship, money and sex values, infidelity, family of origin, extended family, social influences, as well as modern marriage, parenting, to the most common relational traits as compatibility, co-habitation and communications. There is no other book that divorce mediators have written to save families

child's rules for priceless parenting

Please Don’t Buy Me Ice Cream

Please don’t buy me ice cream is the parenting book all parents and caregivers have been waiting for. This expert advice collected by children of all ages highlights the core needs and desires that children have been yearning for.
This book will offer the insight to parents for generations to come. Please don’t buy me ice cream is a wonderful opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with your children and continue to develop the communication that helps children feel loved, safe and truly cared about.
Illustrations by Dixon Rose Elegant

Dana Greco’s experience


  • Fordham University, MSW
  • The Ackerman Institute for Family and Couples Therapy
  • The Center for Divorce Mediation
  • Grief Therapy Training for families at Memorial  Sloan-Kettering
  • Certified Counselor for First Responders


  • New York State Society for Clinical Social Workers
  • National Council on Divorce Mediation
  • Committee Co-chair for Couples and Family Practice
  • National Association for Social Workers
  • Mental Health Panel for the NY Appellate Division


  • Qualified Social worker for New York Family and Supreme Court
  • Expert witness for the NY Courts regarding Child Custody
  • Grief therapist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering
  • Private Practice for couples and families in Manhattan and Long Island
  • Certified mediator
  • Motherhood Documentary on “Exploring the First Five Years of Motherhood”

Public Speaking/Lectures:

  • Presenter at workshops for professional clinicians
  • Co-host of Radio Show New Beginnings
  • “Case studies of custody battles”, The Ackerman Institute


  • “Deciding to Divorce or Separate? Think about  Mediation”
  • “Raising the Consciousness of Post Divorce Parents”
  • “Restructuring the Family After the Divorce”
  • “Women Becoming Independent”
  • “Should Post Divorce Co-Parenting Training be Mandatory”
  • “Divorce Can Be a Rocky Road”
  • “When Husbands are Victims of Domestic Violence”
  • “3 Styles of Parenting”
  • “No Means No: How to Teach Your Child That You Mean Business”
  • “Holiday Gift Giving For Children”
  • “Preserving Family”
  • Author of book “Please Don’t Buy Me Ice Cream”


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