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Empowering You Through Divorce Mediation

At Conscious Counseling, we understand that divorce is a sensitive and complex process. Our dedicated team of Long Island Divorce Mediation Attorneys is here to guide you through this journey with compassion, integrity, and expertise. We believe in empowering our clients to make informed decisions and fostering an environment of open communication, ultimately leading to mutually beneficial resolutions.


Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation offers a collaborative and less adversarial approach to resolving the challenges that come with the end of a marriage. Unlike traditional litigation, mediation places you and your spouse in control of the outcome, allowing you to craft solutions that align with your unique needs and priorities.

The Benefits of Choosing a Long Island Divorce Mediation Attorney

Preserve Relationships: Mediation encourages healthy communication, helping maintain a respectful relationship between spouses, especially important when children are involved.

Cost-Effective: Mediation is often more cost-effective than going through a lengthy court battle, saving you time and money in the process.

Faster Resolution: With the flexibility of scheduling sessions, mediation typically leads to quicker resolutions compared to court proceedings.

Tailored Solutions: You have the freedom to design creative, personalized solutions that suit your family’s specific circumstances.

Confidential and Private: Mediation proceedings are confidential, ensuring that sensitive information stays within the confines of the mediation room.

Meet Our Experienced Long Island Divorce Mediation Attorney

Our lead attorney, Dana Greco, providing clients with unparalleled expertise and insight into the process. With a compassionate and client-centered approach, Dana is committed to helping you navigate the challenges of divorce while preserving your dignity and well-being.

Our Comprehensive Services

1. Divorce Mediation

Our primary focus is on divorce mediation, where we facilitate productive discussions between you and your spouse. We guide you through the decision-making process, covering crucial aspects such as asset division, child custody, support arrangements, and more.


2. Parenting Plan Development

For couples with children, creating a solid parenting plan is paramount. We help you establish a framework that considers the best interests of your children while accommodating both parents’ schedules and preferences.

3. Asset and Debt Division

Fairly dividing assets and debts can be a complex task. Our experienced Long Island Divorce Mediation Attorney will help you navigate this process, ensuring an equitable distribution that aligns with your financial goals.


4. Spousal Support and Child Custody

We assist in negotiating spousal support agreements and crafting child custody arrangements that prioritize the well-being of your children.

The Conscious Counseling Difference

Empathy and Understanding

We recognize that divorce is a deeply emotional experience. Our team provides a safe, non-judgmental space where you can express your feelings and concerns, ensuring you feel heard and supported throughout the process.

Expert Guidance

With our extensive experience in divorce mediation, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every case. We leverage this expertise to help you make informed decisions that set the stage for a positive future.

Commitment to Collaboration

At Conscious Counseling, we believe in the power of collaboration. By working together, we can achieve outcomes that are beneficial for all parties involved, setting the foundation for a smoother transition into post-divorce life.

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Embark on your journey toward a more peaceful divorce with the guidance of our skilled Long Island Divorce Mediation Attorney. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step toward a brighter future.

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