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Top Reasons to Seek Divorce Mediation Services

If you are in a marriage that has become troubled, separation and then divorce may be likely. If the latter is the case, you may want to seek divorce mediation services or marriage counseling. There are many reasons that you might want to seek divorce mediation services. Read on for some of the top reasons why divorce mediation services may be the best solution for you.

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Put Your Children in Priority

When a couple with children decides to divorce, it can be a difficult time for the children. In order to figure out a plan that will be helpful for the children to heal and deal with the issues related to the divorce, a divorce mediator would be very helpful. A marriage counselor in Queens, NY can help advise the parents to make sure their focus remains on the needs of the children. The mediator will also help the parents engage in a less confrontational manner in front of their children. That kind of behavior can result in trauma for the children. It is advisable that the couple seek divorce mediation services in NY to avoid any kind of emotional damage to their children.

Your Relationship Has Become Distant


If you are in a marriage that has become troubled, separation and then divorce may be likely. If the latter is the case, you may want to seek divorce mediation services or marriage counseling in Queens, NY. There are many reasons that you might want to seek divorce mediation services. Read on for some of the top reasons why divorce mediation services may be the best solution for you.

Divorce Mediation Services are Cost Effective

When two people decide to divorce, a lot of fees can come into play. When it comes to litigation services, usually each partner will pay an attorney for paperwork and lengthy court battles. If the couple decides to hire a divorce mediator, they can save a lot of money by avoiding multiple attorney fees. A divorce mediator can also help the couple communicate better in order to avoid any long term court battles.

Time Can be Saved by Hiring a Divorce Mediator

When a couple seeks the help of a marriage counselor, they will get more done in less time. A divorce mediator usually gets everything accomplished in several sessions. With the litigation process, it may take many months for court dates, lawyers, and court dates to come together. The divorce mediator can usually get the divorce settled in far less time than multiple attorneys would. Here at Conscious counseling our mediation sessions include counseling during the process to ensure the best positive outcome.

Divorce Mediation is a Peaceful Process

The divorce mediation process is one that puts emphasis on solution seeking and peaceful problem solving. The dicorce mediator will help the couple address their needs and solve their issues in a peaceful and stressless setting. The point of a divorce mediator is to help each member of the couple to see the other’s point of view. Divorce mediators can help resolve issues or concerns that each party has. If the divorcing couple can come to sound agreements in a peaceful manner, they may not need to go to court at all. However, if they do, the courtroom can be far more stressful than the office of a divorce mediator in Queens NY.

Personal Attention for Both Parties

When a couple decides to utilize a divorce mediator, they each get their own amount of personal attention. The divorce mediation will work closely with each person involved in the divorce. This helps the mediator to understand the needs of both people. After these individual sessions, the divorce mediator can help each person in the couple reach peaceful conclusions and agreements on how to proceed with the divorce. 

Scheduling Flexibility

One of the great benefits of utilizing a divorce mediator is that they can offer flexible scheduling. Lawyers do not generally have a flexible schedule, and meetings usually have to be had in court. With a professional divorce mediator, they can customize meetings on whatever schedule works for all parties involved. This usually includes night and weekend sessions that are never offered by lawyers in court. With this schedule flexibility, the couple is able to continue with their normal schedules which will allow them to move through the divorce in a more peaceful fashion.

Divorce Mediation Can Lead to A More Stable Life

Divorce mediation is a bridge to a happier and healthier life. When a divorce takes place in a courtroom, there could be heated and adverse interactions. A divorce mediator not only helps both parties in the divorce reach peaceful agreements, but they also offer post divorce coping mechanisms. This will allow each member of the couple, as well as the children involved, to have a healthier and more stable life after the divorce is finalized. It is also common for people to continue marriage counseling, after the divorce is settled. These counseling sessions are often very beneficial to families who are trying to heal after a divorce occurs.

Divorce Mediation is a private matter
between you two and us.

When a divorce occurs in a courtroom, everything about the divorce becomes a matter of public record. Your business can be heard by anyone sitting in the room as well. In divorce mediation, only the divorcing couple and sometimes their children are present. This allows the divorce to be a private family matter. Many divorcing couples have reported that using a divorce mediator has allowed them to have peace and privacy during what is typically an emotionally difficult time. Also, instead of a large courtroom, divorce mediation also happens in a private office or conference room. The process via divorce mediation is far more peaceful than a public courtroom divorce.

There are many reasons for a couple to go the route of divorce through a divorce mediator. Whether you are looking for a peaceful solution, something private, or just the flexible scheduling, divorce mediation may be right for you.  If you are struggling in your marriage and are in need of marriage counseling services  or are ready for divorce mediator services, please contact Conscious Counseling today.

Understanding How Divorce Mediation Works: A Guide to Divorce Mediation Services on Long Island


Divorce can be an emotionally and financially draining process, but Long Island residents have a viable alternative in the form of divorce mediation services. Long Island Divorce Mediation offers a constructive and less adversarial approach to resolving disputes, allowing couples to navigate the complexities of divorce in a more amicable manner.

What is Divorce Mediation?
Divorce mediation is a voluntary process where a neutral third-party mediator assists a divorcing couple in reaching mutually agreeable solutions to their issues. This method encourages open communication and collaboration, providing a space for the couple to work together to create a fair and customized divorce agreement.

The Role of the Mediator
The mediator plays a crucial role in facilitating the mediation process. They are trained professionals with expertise in family law, communication, and conflict resolution. Their impartiality ensures that both parties have an equal voice in the negotiations. The mediator guides discussions, offers legal information, and helps identify common ground.

Initial Consultation
The process typically begins with an initial consultation, during which the mediator outlines the mediation process and addresses any questions or concerns the couple may have. This consultation is an opportunity for the couple to assess whether mediation is the right approach for them.

Identifying Issues
The mediator helps the couple identify the key issues that need to be addressed, which may include child custody and visitation, spousal support, division of assets and debts, and any other relevant matters.

Open and Honest Communication
Long Island Divorce Mediation emphasizes open and honest communication between the spouses. The mediator encourages respectful dialogue, ensuring that both parties feel heard and understood. This promotes a collaborative environment, which is essential for reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.

Negotiation and Problem-Solving
With the guidance of the mediator, the couple engages in negotiations to find solutions that meet their individual needs and priorities. The mediator helps them explore creative options and provides legal information to ensure that the proposed agreements are fair and legally sound.

Drafting the Agreement
Once the couple has reached consensus on all issues, the mediator assists in drafting a comprehensive divorce agreement. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the divorce, ensuring that all aspects are addressed.

Review by Attorneys
Before finalizing the agreement, it is recommended that each party has their respective attorneys review the document. This step ensures that the agreement aligns with each party’s legal rights and protects their interests.

Finalizing the Divorce
Once the agreement is finalized and signed, it is submitted to the court for approval. Upon approval, the divorce becomes official, and the terms of the agreement are legally binding.

Long Island Divorce Mediation , Divorce Mediation Services Long Island offers a constructive and collaborative approach to divorce, allowing couples to navigate this challenging process with dignity and respect. By utilizing the services of experienced mediators, couples can achieve a fair and customized divorce agreement that lays the foundation for a more harmonious future.

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